Twelve Springs RV Ranch DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser
Twelve Springs RV Ranch DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser
Twelve Springs RV Ranch DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser
Twelve Springs RV Ranch DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser

Twelve Springs RV Ranch DONATEaBAG Soup Fundraiser

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It is a SOUP-R Season to ''DONATEaBAG'' of Soul Warming Soups  and by doing so you will be sowing into the vision of Twelve Springs RV Ranch & Oasis!

Twelves Springs RV Ranch   - "A refreshing Oasis for Families to get Established in the Ways of the Lord"!  The vision is to buy 100+ Acres in Central Florida - to open a Christian Family Campground - that would be a refreshing place for Families and Marriages based on Exodus 15:27. Then they came to Elim, where there were Twelve Springs of water and seventy palm trees and they encamped there by the water".   A place where Families could glean from God's Word and have resources at their fingertips helping them to "Train up a Child in the way he/she should go...." while experiencing God's creation.  And a place where "the Older would teach the younger" based on the book of Titus - A refreshing place offering unique Programs, facilities for the modern day homeschooling family and parents who work remotely! - A place where families can have more access to the outdoors rather than social media, video games and the pressures of this world!

1) Choose to Give  4lb Bags of Gourmet Soup/$22.22 for each DONATEaBAG.  These 4lb Bags are what restaurants use! Each bag provides 6 bowls or 8 cups of gourmet Soup!  We will be donating  Broccoli & Cheese, Three Bean Chili and other flavors to provide delicious heart warming meals for those in need!

2) Twelve Springs RV Ranch will Earn $10+ for each Bag Donated -the more DONATED,, the more Dollars will be given towards sowing a seed into TWELVES SPRINGS RV RANCH!! 

3) All 4lb soup  DONATEaBAGs will be given to Heart of The Father Ministry food outreach in Lakeland, Florida!  They not only help those in need physically, but most importantly spiritually too!!

If you wish to be an INVESTOR in this Twelve Springs RV Ranch or to Sow into the Twelve Springs Foundation which funds Biblical Homeschooling - Please email 

You are sowing into Three Causes

1) Helping Establish TWELVE SPRINGS RV RANCH- an Oasis for Establishing generations in the ways of the Lord!! 

2) Supporting those in Need in Central Florida

3) Supporting Twelve Springs Foundation - funding unique Biblical Homeschooling!!

Thank you for Helping  TWELVE SPRINGS RV Ranch reach their mission and support those in need of Food Lakeland, Florida! #DONATEaBAG!


(Donateabag is a Program of Soul Warming Provisions, LLC - Lakeland, Florida 2023)